Australia is huge 4000km east to west, 3000km south to north with a constantly high level of onshore exploration and production activity. Slade Shipping regularly engages road-trains, the biggest, longest trucks in the world, to carry OCTG and drilling equipment from one end of the continent to the other. Two-driver hotshots can take 3 or 4 days to reach remote destinations. LCTs, landing craft enable deliveries to places inaccessible by road. Large air cargo requiring 747 freighter aircraft is landed at Sydney or Melbourne for delivery to sometimes very distant well-sites. Slade Shipping Australia also supports offshore logistics with 24/7 deliveries to heliports and supply bases. In addition to arranging full and part-charters Slade Shipping in Australia works closely with local liner agents to organise high-quality break bulk and containerised deliveries. Slade Shipping is able to provide inland transportation solutions to and from all of Australia’s numerous sea ports.