The Slade Group specialises in the handling, transportation and storage of steel tubular products, casing and tubing. Slade has become a reputable name internationally to which end major steel mills, pipe traders and stockholders bear witness.

Our network of offces are strategically placed in the major oil and gas hubs allowing us to support and manage our customer requirements, who benefit from our global infrastructure. We are able to offer a door to door service in many cases.

Our name is synonymous in the safe handling and transportation of major project movements, such as Drilling Rigs and Camps, Refinery Heat Exchangers, Survival Vessels, Steel Coils and Offshore Supply Vessels.


Key Services

Our aim is to deliver cost effective solutions to all our customers. Our philosophy is to be transparent and knowledge sharing, both internally with all our staff and also externally with customers and contractors alike. You benefit from our knowledge gained in all areas from the routine mode to the more complex, multi modal, obscure shipments.

Slade have gained invaluable experience over 3 decades and have developed a highly specialised, professional and dedicated logistics team to meet all your requirements.

We can assist on all tender proposals where a local knowledge is required for specific local requirements and restrictions, as well as a global knowledge on how to achieve the best solution.

Slade adds value to your business by offering industry focused expertise, combined with a global and local presence. The advantages are obvious so let us focus on your logistics whilst you focus on your core business.

We offer full value added services

  • Site Surveys
  • Door to door Project Services
  • Logistics Project Management
  • Air and Ocean Chartering Services
  • Warehousing
  • Heavy Lift cargo handling
  • Multi Modal Services
  • Customs Clearance documentation
Project Freight Forwarding

As our client base concentrates on the international project business, Slade strives to ensure the correct infrastructure is in place at all locations to give adequate support and confidence to our customers. By implementing a strong infrastructure combined with sound product knowledge, we ensure that all cargoes can be shipped on time and in the most cost effective manner.

Slade will coordinate all project requirements to ensure all cargo types are delivered on time when required and consolidation of multiple shipments to ensure the best cost options and operational benefits are achieved.

Pre-planning is essential if project schedules are to be realised and again with tight budget restraints. Fully understanding the customer’s requirements through dedicated personnel contact is an essential feature, whilst an in depth knowledge of international routings and schedules enables the customer to take advantage of the project tailored and cost effective modes available.

Slade take a very personal approach on all work undertaken and aim to be present at shipments whenever and wherever possible.

General Forwarding

After adopting a clear strategy for developing operational excellence combined with its freight forwarding heritage in all of its locations, Slade has progressively become renowned as a leading player in the oil and gas industry.

Our name stands for reliability, expertise, quality and the most cost effective option in international freight forwarding.

During this progressive development, we have established a worldwide network of partners and selected agents to support industry and customer demand. These strategically placed offices enable confidence to our customer base wherever they are in the world and to wherever their business development needs to go.

We are fluent in all aspects of international freight forwarding, and experts in all multi modal requirements, thus enabling us to offer complete door to door solutions to all cargo types.

Slade train all employees to encompass a very personal approach on all work undertaken and aim to be present at shipments whenever and wherever possible.


Air & Ocean


Land by Road

Air Freight

Slade Global were recently awarded 2 major Air Freight shipments through our long term partners and friends MOC Sdn Bhd in Brunei Darussalam.

We were able to show our strength as a global group by collecting the urgently required items in Lindlar, Germany (78tons)and Gouda, The Netherlands (128 tons). The cargo consisted of reformer tubes and isolation materials / equipment for immediate use by the end-user in Brunei Darussalam – and so ocean freight was not an option.

Our Rotterdam office chartered 2 aircraft (B747-400 Freighters) to manage each shipment from Amsterdam to Brunei Darussalam, via Moscow.
The cargo was required urgently on-site in Brunei Darussalam and deliveries were made ahead of schedule.

We have dedicated staff in all our locations to manage your air freight requirements and due to our extensive network of partners and agents are able to offer the complete door to door service.

Customs documentation and special packing requirements are all managed by our experienced staff. On-site surveys are carried out to give the personal touch.

Our staff are well versed on Dangerous Goods Management and take part in regular courses. With our growing experience in urgent requirements, we can also offer the full aircraft chartering service and include both loading and discharging supervision, complete with door to door delivery.

North Sea Liner Services

These routes are served by ‘coaster type’ vessels, invariably box shaped. The service is not restricted to the carriage of tubulars only. Cargoes are usually loaded in Amsterdam or Antwerp for destinations servicing the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry – principally Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth, Esbjerg and the range of ports from Stavanger to Hammerfest.

Slade frequently transports other bulk commodities, such as drilling chemicals and equipment for the offshore industry, construction yards and gas terminals. Moreover, Slade provides a feeder service to several major shipping lines for cargoes originating in Japan, Singapore, USA and Mexico with North Sea Ports as the ultimate destination.

Similarly these vessels can accept cargoes of sufficient quantity from regular ports of call, or other ports by inducement, for North European destinations or for transhipment Antwerp to deep sea destinations.

Slade can provide you with an all-inclusive service, in either direction, at fixed, competitive rates.


All Slade Offices offer full and part chartering services in combination with Owners, Operators and Major Carriers to ensure the best option is made available at all times.

In Amsterdam we have an excellent terminal and facilities for marshalling and receiving of project cargoes, experienced stevedores, over 550 metres of deep- sea quay, with modern handling equipment and multi-purpose cranes up to 105 tons. From containers, cars, trucks and unitized cargoes to bales, barrels, bundles, crates and cases – Ro Ro, multi-purpose or break bulk vessels.

This unique combination of resources, similar to Amsterdam, are available on a worldwide basis, which in combination with our in-house chartering expertise enables us to provide our customers with real, value added services.

We are constantly fixing vessels for our customer’s requirements whether it be part or full charter from all preferred ports of loading to final destination.

Pipe Management Services

The Amsterdam Pipe Storage Facility
Slade Shipping Netherlands BV
Ruijgoordweg 80
1047 HM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The Amsterdam Pipe Storage facility comprises an area of 15000sq metres and is situated within the Port of Amsterdam. It has over 550 metres of deepwater berths equipped with modern cargo handling equipment and mobile multi-purpose cranes – up to 150 tonnes for the loading and discharging of a wide range of cargoes in addition to steel cargoes.

Container, Ro-Ro, MPP and Break-bulk deep sea vessels can be accommodated. In addition there is a 150 metre long quay for coaster type vessels (water depth 7.5 metres) while inland barges have their own jetty (water depth 4.5 metres).

The Amsterdam Pipe Storage Facility also offers you all the features of a modern terminal which is reliable, professional and flexible in every aspect. It is ideally situated and has perfect hinterland connections.

For stockists and distributors of OCTG products we can offer the fastest, safest and most reliable options for deep sea container and conventional transport with excellent transit connections from Amsterdam by Barge, Road and Rail to Antwerp or other North European Ports.

The Amsterdam Pipe Storage Facility offers a complete Pipe Management Service, including safe handling, stock inventory control, a covered inspection facility for Third Party use and is ideally located to offer local repair and refurbishment capabilities.

The Amsterdam Pipe Storage Facility is currently utilised by several pipe producers and traders.

All our locations are able to offer pipe management services including storage etc. for their respective customer base.

In Singapore, Batam, Antwerp and Houston, we offer pipe storage and pipe management services as part of our value added services to our customer base. We strive to offer the best possible solution to our growing and developing customer requirements.

All of our pipe management services are conducted within our Handling Procedures Requirements and are available upon request.

Please see PROCEDURES.

Wherever possible we will work with our local agents and ensure that we can offer pipe storage and handling facilities wherever possible in support of our customers business no matter where that may be.

We have successfully offered for pipe storage facilities throughout The Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe and The States.

Please download our presentation here.

Personal Effects

We provide a comprehensive removal service catering for personnel working overseas, on permanent or temporary assignments. A unique combination with our forwarding activities ensures the smooth transfer of personal and household goods to any destination within predetermined allowance levels.

A complete personal service supported by experienced management and staff, which guarantees the highest standards of handling, packing, shipment and due care and attention for the safety of your valuable household items or precious possessions.

In-House Support

Slade Management attend regular customer and contractor meetings to ensure all demands, service requirements and quality aspects are maintained.

We set KPIs, monitor our performances and those of our vendors, to ensure that we are managing our business and customers interests effectively.

Our staff under-go regular external training programs and on-going, in-house training to ensure they can respond both promptly and professionally.

The structure is a standard throughout our group and is of paramount importance ensuring a quality management policy.

Slade has a heritage second to none and has been built upon a sound foundation of respect, loyalty, friendships and honour. We look to build long term relationships with both customers and contractors alike and to reward them with loyalty and respect.

Supply Chain Management

With experience and knowledge gained through our global network and multi modal requirements, Slade has created a sound and tested infrastructure from which to produce and create Supply Chain Management Solutions.

It is by listening and learning from customers and contractors alike that Slade has become a leader in the field of global logistics providers. We continuously strive to obtain and create the perfect logistics solution and consider all aspects of our customer’s true requirements.

It is this methodology that increases our development and knowledge in becoming our customer’s first choice for logistics services.

Allow us to assist you in planning your logistics requirements and to deliver real value to your company.

Value Added Services

Slade staff in attendance on survey during loading and discharging of cargo for instant reporting and peace of mind.

The increasing focus on ‘cost’ from consumers and shippers alike, create an opportunity for logistic services providers to really prove their worth in delivering real value added services. We strive to look at every opportunity and options available to the customer and not simply look to quote from a to b.

We create more value for our customers’ through our global network, on-site knowledge and both local and technical expertise. We are very passionate about delivering operational excellence to our customer base.

We visit our agents in all global locations to ensure that they are working in the same logic as ourselves and follow both our procedures, those of our customers and our supply chain methodology to deliver real value.

We are in attendance at all shipments for our customers to ensure contractors are adhering to our procedural requirements and to enable us to report immediately to you our customer any relevant information for peace of mind and to enable confidence on your choice of logistic provider.

Our staff are ongoing with training both internal and external to raise our levels of service and understanding, thus enabling Slade to really understand their customer requirements. We take care of your logistical requirements delivering the best options available, whilst you can focus on developing your business.

We will visit delivery destinations of those places offering remote and / or difficult logistic challenges, to ensure that you the customer receive the very best proposal.

We can offer further services in most regions for pipe storage, pipe management services and we ensure that our logistic partners are in possession of the best equipment to accomplish your requirements.

All shipments are analysed to ensure that all options and logistic obstacles are fully understood and the proposal is made with the very best intentions and knowledge of the routing / services required.

Handling Procedures

Loading / unloading of containers carried out in accordance to our Handling Procedures and/or specific customer requirements. Kindly contact us for more details.